Privacy Policy

Protection regarding personal information:

Japan-U.S. Educational Commission ("JUSEC") makes every effort to secure and keep personal information confidential. As an organization based in Japan and operating under Japanese law, JUSEC understands the importance of protecting personal information, and thus our Privacy Policy ("Policy") complies with domestic law, regulations, and guidelines set by the national administrative authorities. However, be aware that this Policy may not be consistent with the law, regulations, or guidelines of other countries.

  • Your information will only be used to fulfill the purpose of our administered programs and activities; it will not be used otherwise unless as required by the law
  • JUSEC will only obtain personal information through legal and appropriate means; JUSEC will not obtain personal information illegally or inappropriately
  • JUSEC will not provide or share personal information to the unrelated third parties without your consent unless as required by the law
  • JUSEC will draw and implement internal rules and guidelines to ensure that staff complies with the Policy
  • JUSEC will promote educational activities for staff, and will aim to advance knowledge on information management so that its knowledge will be thoroughly informed to all staff for appropriate management
  • JUSEC will take preventive measures to secure personal information provided to us in order to avoid any inappropriate conduct or handling of personal information
  • To fulfill the mission of our programs, JUSEC will strive to provide up-to-date and accurate information
  • JUSEC will have a designated staff as an information management supervisor to handle and manage personal information appropriately
  • JUSEC will disclose personal information when requested by individuals concerning their own information in an appropriate manner as stipulated by the law
  • JUSEC will publicize the purpose of the use of personal information on JUSEC's website

Use of your personal information:

Collected personal information will be used for managing and operating all of our administered programs and activities in the following ways:

  • To manage event participation and applications, as well as to collect statistics for the administered programs
  • To introduce our administered programs, services, events, and for responding to any inquiries
  • To keep track of our users and affiliated organizations
  • To complete surveys, and improve and develop our operation and services
  • To send JUSEC’s publications
  • To carry out Fulbright alumni activities
  • To verify and/or confirm personal information belonging to the inquiring individual himself/herself
  • To introduce and promote the our programs and activities to organizations and private sector companies for the purpose of fundraising
  • To send invitations for events hosted by either or both the Japanese and the U.S. governments or affiliated organizations

Your personal information will not be disclosed or provided to third parties unless its use is for the purposes stated above.

Sharing of your personal information:

Personal information collected by JUSEC may be shared and used with the affiliated organizations.

  • Shared information may include:
    Name, phone number, physical address (including postal code), email address, gender, age, nationality, and information related programs (host affiliation, year of study abroad, grant category, discipline). Depending on the event registration form, your occupation or affiliation may be shared as well.
  • Your personal information may be shared with:
    - U.S. Government (Embassy of the United State of America, U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational Cultural Affairs, Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, Consulates in Japan, American Centers in Japan, EducationUSA)
    - Japanese Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Embassy of Japan in the United States of America)
    - Cooperating Agencies (Institute of International Education and Council for International Exchange of Scholars)
    - Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan-United States Educational Exchange Promotion Foundation (Fulbright Foundation)
    - Contributors to the Fulbright Foundation
    - Fulbright Alumni Association of Japan
  • Purposes of the use of shared personal information are:
    - To introduce events hosted by JUSEC and affiliated organization(s)
    - To publish it on JUSEC and Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board’s annual report and website
    - To introduce and promote programs for private-sector for fundraising
    - To report grantee’s achievement to the supporters and contributors
    - To carry out alumni activities
    - To collect statistical data
  • Name of the organization in responsible of managing the personal information:
    Japan-U.S. Educational Commission

For inquiries regarding Privacy Policy: